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Operative fluoroscopy in hand and upper limb surgery. One hundred cases

Bain GI, Hunt J, Mehta JA

Modbury Public Hospital, South Australia, Australia.

We reviewed the use of a low radiation portable fluoroscopy unit in 100 patients.

The most common indication was closed reduction of distal radial fractures.

Fracture and joint stability were assessed on the real-time monitor and stored on videotape. Static images were stored on thermographic paper.

Fluoroscopically guided joint injections and localization of implants, foreign bodies and bone tumours were performed.

Fluoroscopy is a useful adjunct to arthroscopic assisted fracture reduction and other arthroscopic procedures such as distal ulnar resection. These new generation units produce superior resolution images, are easy to manoeuvre and do not require a radiographer.

J Hand Surg [Br] 1997 Oct;22(5):656-8